Supply us a drawing or set of measurements for the piece you want. It doesn’t need to be millimetre precise but a good approximation at this stage.

Choose your stone from our wide range of materials and, if appropriate, the style of edging (link to edging choices) and sink drainage grooves. Any cut outs or particular features we need to work around?

We will calculate a price for you within 1-3 days (it’s more complicated than you think) and this will be your final cost unless there are differences at time of templating. Quotes are valid for up to 3 months.

Please note, we offer the best quality stone available, produced by skilled craftsmen and supported by a full after sales service – all for a competitive price. If you are just shopping around for the cheapest possible product then we are unlikely to be able to help.


If our quote is acceptable we take a deposit of 50% and arrange for a templater to visit your home/site. We will take all the relevant measurements in most cases fabricating plastic templates, and check out the actual location for access.

Stone such as granite, marble and quartz aren’t materials that can be easily altered on site. A template will ensure that each product is manufactured to the right shape and size, with hob and sink cut-outs and tap holes in exactly the right place.

Unless you are very experienced the most reliable way to achieve this is for our experienced templaters to visit you to create the final template.

  • All base units and end panels must be fixed into position. They must be level and firmly secured before templating.
  • Any runs of worktop that do not have units underneath, but are against a wall, should be thoroughly battened out to support the worktop.
  • For worktops to fit right back to the walls any old tiles should be removed prior to templating. New plaster should be finished.
  • For kitchen worktops, all appliances including hobs and sinks, that will be fitted into the worktop must be to hand at the time of templating to allow us to take the necessary measurements./li>

We will need you, or an authorised representative, to be there when we visit. There are always vital questions that need answered and we really want to get everything just as you want it!

Unfortunately, if we visit and the above guidelines haven’t been followed then we may have to arrange a 2nd visit which will delay the project and incur a revisit fee of £100 +VAT


Once we have assessed the project we can determine how best to minimise the number of pieces used, ergonomically and aesthetically. Rectangles can be up to 3000mm in length How many pieces will my worktop be cut into? For simple rectangles the number of pieces (hence number of joins) is simply dependant on length; less than three meters can usually be one piece. For more complex shapes such as bowed fronts or out-set sections, many companies will cut the worktop into sections to ease fabrication.

We can provide many complex shapes as a single piece (subject to overall length). The templater will be able to tell you how many pieces will be used. What are the maximum worktop lengths? Generally with granite and quartz worktops the maximum length for a single piece is 3000mm.

How are worktops joined? In the case of granite and quartz worktops, joints are generally two pieces of worktops butted up against each other. When on site we can discuss with you where we recommend the joints need to be placed. We endeavour to make the joint as inconspicuous as possible with a sealant used between the two pieces, with the nearest colour match available, but colours of sealants are limited. In general, our joints are less than 3mm wide.


All of our products are bespoke items so please call us on 01865 778568 or complete the form below to discuss your specific project or requirements.